Our policies

Policy plan

What we do and how we do it
By default, we donate to the Effective Altruism Funds. These funds are run by experts, who spend a lot of time researching the most effective philanthropic interventions in the following cause areas: Global Health and Development, The Long-Term Future, Animal Welfare and Effective Altruism Meta. Where we feel we can have an outsized impact by supporting a specific intervention directly, our board can decide to do so on a case-by-case basis.

We are a capital fund and a family foundation. We do not fundraise, nor do we accept donations from outside the family. However, we are very happy to explain our strategy and help other foundations or individual donors on their path to discover how they can maximize their impact.

Fund management
As a capital fund we donate our returns, maintaining core capital. Our aim is to maximize returns and therefore donations to fulfill our mission of maximizing our impact. We will work with external fund managers for our portfolio, who will work pro-bono, to ensure our funds get allocated to the goal.

Our full policy plan (2017-2022) is available upon request. You can contact us to request a version.

Remuneration policy

None of the board members are remunerated for their work for the Vanderes Foundation. The foundation has no full- or part-time employees, nor any people or organizations, that receive any remuneration for their services or time, from the foundation.